2020 Best Selling Online Game Information

Hello Gamers, meet again with Mimin, on this occasion of course Mimin will discuss the best-selling online games in 2020, and of course these games are games that are certainly familiar to the ears of the public or the ears of gamers.

Online games are games that of course require an internet connection to be able to access these games and of course these games are only for filling your spare time or when you are feeling depressed, but there are also many players who focus on playing online games and earning income from online games by selling goods or being a jockey service for other players who may have difficulty playing.

The online game itself also has an e-sports team and of course with the existence of e-sports and of course there are athletes who of course are paid by each manager or from the team making online game athletes very booming, making online gaming very high.

So you must be very impatient to find out what online games are in this discussion? of course we will explain this game below, so check out this article so that you know what articles or online games are the best-selling in 2020.

Call Of Duty
Call of duty is a game with the FPS genre and this game can be accessed using Android or iOS so that this game has excellent graphics and of course this game is very easy for gamers to learn, this game has two modes, namely battle mode. royal where there are 100 people in one map and we have to defend by looking for safe spots to take cover and of course we have to get good weapons so we can eliminate opponents easily and quickly and another one is 5 vs 5 mode where you can be friends with your friends or random to get a team.

Garena AOV
This game is very similar to the Mobile Legend game in general, this game is loved by many gamers, and many people already know and can also say this game is a popular MOBA game too. The advantage of this game is that it has a good level of graphics and of course this game is lighter than a mobile legend so that this game will be easy to play on any cellphone. This game requires 5 people in a team to destroy the opponent’s base so that whoever manages to destroy the opponent’s base, of course, will be the winner in this game.

Clash Of Clans
This game is commonly referred to by gamers as COC, this strategy game made by Supercell has successfully attracted the hearts of gamers from various countries so that currently the number of players in this game is up to 100 million players who have downloaded and played this game, however. This game requires a good internet connection and of course it must be fast, this game tells the story of a village that fights with other villages, making this match very exciting if you already have a clan or club. By joining the clan, of course you can attack the enemy base and of course it will be very interesting if you have succeeded in winning by getting 3 star points in this game. and you also have to produce troops to gain victory in battle with the opponent or enemy clan.

Well guys, that’s the article we have made, hopefully this article can help you find out what games are very popular this year and the articles we have made, thank you for the attention of the readers.

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