4 Best Online Game Recommendations dogsnandcatsarefriends

4 Best Online Game Recommendations dogsnandcatsarefriends

Hi Gamers, meet again with us, your dear admin, of course you must be very impatient to review the article that we will make for you, readers who are always loyal to follow us? Of course, it is our hope to continue reading and increase knowledge about what games will attract the hearts of teenagers.

In 2020 there have been lots of new games released and of course the game is a game that really tests adrenaline and of course this game will make you forget the time and forget everything because of the excitement of the game that is about to be released or has been developing long ago.

On this very valuable opportunity, Mimin wants to discuss a collection of games that attract teenagers because this game can be a means to find money but does not mix with gambling, so see the article below so we know what games are fun.

AOV (Arena Of Valor)
This game is the same as the legendary mobile game, but what distinguishes this game is that this game has a unique or more childish animation so that many online game lovers play this game, the way to play is the same where each team needs 5 people to compete and this game There are also big tournaments and of course there are athletes in this game, this game can be accessed using an Android or iOS mobile phone, but this game still requires an internet connection to be able to access this game.

Mobile Legend
Mobile legend is a MOBA game which means 5 vs 5 and of course this game requires a strategy to gain victory in the game and of course the cohesiveness of the team is most tested in this game, and this game can be accessed using your mobile phone and of course This game is so global that it has made several tournaments between countries and of course you don’t need to be afraid that if you are already a pro player, of course you will make lots of money in this game, this is not a gambling game but it is a strategy game and of course Of course, the cohesiveness of the team and the State of Indonesia is the country most feared by foreign pro players so that Indonesia often wins victories in these games or game tournaments.

Dota 2
Dota 2 is a game where each team must consist of 5 people so that they can fight an enemy team of 5 people as well, and we need to know that this game also has rare items such as baby roshan whose prices are known to reach hundreds of millions of rupiah, for to get this item of course every player must buy a voucher first to open gacha and if we have good hockey, of course we will get baby roshan in this game and sell at a high price, this game is known that there are already big tournaments so that makes this game has a very good name and of course very famous.

Get Rich
This game is a game that is quite similar to the game of monopoly in general where you can buy cities and make buildings so that it is more difficult for your people or enemies to win in the game, and in this game there are also rules so you can get it. the victory of this game requires 4 players to be able to start the game, this game really attracts the attention of women or guys who like to play monopoly games.

Well gamers, those are games that attract the hearts of teenagers, hopefully this article can increase your knowledge about online gengss games, thanks for the attention of the readers.

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