Best Indonesian and Asian PC Games 2020

Hello Gamers, how are you this afternoon? of course you have very good health, right? It is all our hope that you get health so you can continue to know about several types of Indonesian games in 2020.

Of course, for nowadays technology is very sophisticated and of course with the development of technology, of course, it greatly affects online games so that new games emerge every year.

But with the emergence of many games, of course every game has its own advantages and of course for this time Mimin will tell you some Indonesian games which are lyrical and of course played by Asian people so that this game has skyrocketed to the top. above and of course the number of players has reached millions of players.

We are very sure that all of you already know that the gaming industry in Indonesia is still dominated by free to play online games, when they appeared, online games and especially MMORPG games which were dominated by Nexia, Redmoon and Laghaim in Indonesia did not stop growing or did not get stuck there. only. Especially with the release of Ragnarok Online or what gamers usually call it RO in 2003 by Lyto.

For now, there are a lot of MMORPG games or you could say mushrooming and a variety of very exciting games are also popping up with the development of the times which are increasingly developing, therefore there are many MMORPG games that are not exciting and their fate is neglected.

So we will share games that are so fun that they make you forget the time, forget to eat and forget everything hehehe, so check out the article below with others so that we can find out what games will make you forget everything.

Ragnarok Online
Hmmm, for this one game, maybe Mimin doesn’t need to explain in detail anymore, because if you are a gamers you must already know this type of game, because until now this game still exists from 2003 until now the number of players has reached hundreds up to millions.

War of emporium (WOE) is one of the features that is currently the main attraction of this ragnarok game. which allows all guilds or alliances to participate in trying to master the castle in a battle royally. It was so exciting that dozens of guilds could also participate in controlling the kasil and fighting each other for control of the emporium / the throne of the kingdom.

Counter Strike Online
In the past, in Counter Strike, we can only play offline or LAN, but this game is now very developed where every player can meet real people who play this game, because as Mimin said, the more sophisticated technology, of course, keeps this game up. to date, Counter Strike is a shooting game where you will meet terrorists and the police to fight crime, therefore this game is in great demand by players who like to play gunfire or battle.

League of Legends

The country of Indonesia has several MOBA games, but none of them are as good as League of legend, actually it is not surprising because League Of Legend for now is the game with the most players in the world, in fact there is no need to deny that Dota 2 is the most popular. popular in the State of Indonesia. However, League Of Legends is an alternative game that is very good and graphic for you to play. This game requires 5 players in each team where you will fight an enemy team of 5 people as well, therefore cooperation and strategy are needed in this game. Thank you so much for the attention of the readers and apologize if there is an error in typing.

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