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2020 Best Selling Online Game Information

Hello Gamers, meet again with Mimin, on this occasion of course Mimin will discuss the best-selling online games in 2020, and of course these games are games that are certainly familiar to the ears of the public or the ears of gamers. Online games are games that of course require an internet connection to be • Read More »

A Group of Games That Attract Teenagers

Hello gamersssss, meet again with us, your beloved admin, of course you must be very impatient to review the article that we will make for you readers who are always loyal to follow us? Of course, it is our hope to continue reading and increase knowledge about what games will attract the hearts of teenagers. • Read More »

Some Words In The World Of E-Sport

The world of e-sports is currently a big growth in the video game industry in the world. There have been many prestigious e-sports tournaments, along with their games that are widespread worldwide. Seeing its skyrocketing development, Coupled with the 2019 Asean Games Games also link e-sports competition as a new sport for the first time • Read More »

9 Best Gamers’ Favorite Online PC Games

Games are now not only used as entertainment but also as a prestigious competition from the Asian Games to international events. Here are 9 of the best PC online games. Many young people nowadays play PC games to get rid of boredom or for content activities. Most of the pro players usually do live streaming • Read More »