Get to know more in the Mobile Legend game

Hello Guys, how are you guys? Can you be sure that all of you are in fairly very good health, right? Of course, those are all our hopes for your health and for this discussion, of course, we will discuss the mobile game, the Mobile Legend game.

Mobile Legend is a moba game specially designed for cellphones and we need to know that there are two teams that must fight for victory and each team must fight and destroy the enemy’s base of defense to the death.

In the mobile legend game, there are 3 paths that we might know as top, bottom and middle and each of these paths has the aim of destroying the enemy base or camp so that we can get victory in the game.

In the Mobile Legend game itself, there are their respective classes where there are marksman, Fighter, Mage, Support, Assassin and Tank where each class has their respective duties to win in the Mobile Legend game, in each line there is a line of minions. or a place to farm to earn money and make an item for battle so that the class becomes stronger.

We will explain the duties of each class so that you readers understand and understand how to play a good mobile legend so that we can also win in the Mobile Legend game.

Marksman or what is commonly called killer is a class killer or carry in game and the task of a marksman is also a very tough task because victory is determined by marksman if we want to win in this game, of course our marksman players must be items so that can kill enemies quickly and of course if you want to have good items, of course we have to farm from minions or we kill enemies with teamwork.

Fighter also has an important task where the fighter must be in the middle of the line where the marksman position must be behind the fighter and the task of a fighter here is to guard the base or turret so that the turret is not destroyed and when it reaches mid-game of course a fighter must join the war where the battle will occur because in this game the task of a fighter when the war is to mess up the enemy’s defenses and push backwards targeting the enemy marksman so that the enemy panic and mess.

In a legendary mobile game, of course, there is a mage class where the mage has early damage that hurts and will kill the enemy quickly and usually the mage’s position is in the middle lane so a mage has to rotate so he can help the marksman or fighter to kill the enemy he meets. With this path, if the middle position loses rotation, of course it will be very difficult for the bottom or top line so that it will be very difficult to win in this game.

In a mobile legend battle, of course, a support is really needed to gain victory either from heal or skill that makes it difficult for the enemy to move, because with support, of course it will help you to win very easily and usually a support is always here. side by side with a marksman so that marksman will be very difficult to kidnap by the enemy.

There is a fast assassin like an assassin who will be very difficult to take down because an assassin will be very easy to enter the back row of the enemy and target an enemy carry, but an assassin must also have good items so he can quickly kill the enemy quickly, if an assassin missed gold of course it would be very difficult to take down an enemy.

In the game of moba or fighting games, of course a tank plays an important role in battle because a tank will open the map or go to the front when a war wants to occur, because the task of a tank must also have a good initiation or initiative because the battle will occur if The tank has analyzed whether the war will take place or not.

Well, guys, this is an article about the legendary mobile game, hopefully this article can help you to know more about the legendary mobile game, thanks for the attention of the readers.

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