It turns out that these are changes that occur in the brain when playing online games

The rise of online games nowadays, allows gamers to spend hours staring at gadget screens. As if they know no age, online games are almost addictive for many teenagers to adults. As its users expand, scientists have investigated how addiction to online gaming affects a person’s brain and behavior. So, does playing online games have a positive or negative effect? Come on, consider the following explanation.

Brain changes that occur when playing online games
There has been a lot of evidence to suggest that online gaming can affect the brain and also cause changes in certain parts of the brain.

Researchers recently compiled and summarized the results of 116 scientific studies to determine how addiction to online games can change brain function and structure, and influence the behavior of those who play it.

Based on these various studies, it is known that video games not only change how the brain works but also its structure. For example, the use of video games is known to affect the level of focus and thinking ability of the brain. In addition, most research results suggest that people who play online games can actually focus more than those who don’t.

Research has also found that video games increase the size and ability of the part of the brain responsible for visuospatial, which is a person’s ability to translate visual concepts (seen from the eye). Examples such as reading distances, distinguishing shapes and colors, to placing objects.

Gamers also experience an enlargement of the brain size of the right hippocampus, which is where long-term memory builds up in the brain.

Don’t get addicted to playing online games
Unfortunately, online games don’t always have a positive impact. If used without rules, people who play it will experience addiction. Experts claim that online gaming addiction can cause certain health problems or problems.

In game addicts, research has found functional and structural changes in the nervous reward system. Neural reward itself is a group of neural structures related to feelings of pleasure, learning, and motivation.

The study, published in Addiction Biology, performed magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) scans of 78 teenage boys aged 10-19 who were diagnosed with Internet gaming problems, and 73 other participants without the condition. In the study, the researchers compared the relationships between 25 different areas of the game addict’s brain and controls.

As a result, the researchers found increased coordination between the dorsolateral prefrontal cortex and the temporoparietal junction in the brain, which is thought to limit a person’s impulse control. This condition is commonly seen in patients with schizophrenia, Down syndrome, and autism, and people with poor impulse control.

The surefire way not to get addicted to playing online games
Online games are like double-edged knives. On the one hand you may get benefits, but on the other hand, playing mostly online games can actually bring harm. So, to prevent the various negative things that have been mentioned above, here are some surefire ways you can try.

  1. Make up your mind
    Determination and intention is the main key before you start anything. In the case of online gaming, the key is how you can prioritize your life.

When you know what is important and what is not, it will be easier for you not to play online games as often. In fact, you may not think or have time to just play games because many activities are much more important than playing games.

  1. Determine the time limit for playing online games every day
    In order for you to be more disciplined, determine how long the duration or when is the right time to play online games. For example, the ration for playing online games per day is one hour. You can spend it all at once, or split into several sessions. In essence, don’t play past the predetermined limits.

This method will work effectively and optimally if you are firm with yourself. Don’t indulge yourself by fulfilling the desire to play online games over and over again. There should be no tolerance for additional time because you are having fun playing.

So as not to forget, you can set an alarm before playing the game. If necessary, ask someone closest to help remind you. Try to be assertive by removing gadgets from in front of you and placing them out of reach.

Well, that’s the article about online games, thanks for the attention of the readers.

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