Recommended 5 heroes with the most slick crowd control

Mobile Legend does have a variety of the strongest heroes. Moreover, if the hero has crowd control skills, as below.

Crowd control or stun is an ability that can make the opponent’s hero unable to move or use the skills he has.

Crowd control heroes have an important role in a team. Because, only crowd control heroes can lock the opponent’s movements, protect the core heroes and open war.

In Mobile Legends itself, there are tons of heroes who have crowd control and stun skills, but only a few are truly deadly.

Are you curious about what heroes? Come see!

  1. Hero Mobile Legend with the strongest crowd control, Franco
    the strongest mobile legend hero

Franco is a Tank hero who has the strongest crowd control skill in Mobile Legend. Skill one is (Iron Hook), Franco sticks out his chain in the direction that has been determined and will attract the target if it hits him.

Then, skill two, namely (Fury Shock), Franco slams his body to the ground, giving damage and slow by 70 percent. The ultimate skill is (Bloody Hunt) Franco bites his target for 1.8 seconds.

  1. Kaja

The Hero Mobile Legend with the next strongest crowd control skill is Kaja. Skill one, namely (Ring Of Order) Kaja creates a circle that widens, dealing damage that makes the target slow for 1 second when hitting it.

Then, skill two, namely (Lightning Bomb) Kaja moves in a predetermined direction and then leaves 3 energy balls that can slow down the opponent and receive magic damage when touching it.

The ultimate skill, (Divine Judgment) Kaja binds the target and stuns the target for 1.5 seconds.

  1. Chou

Chou is the next hero who has the deadliest crowd control skills in Mobile Legends. This Hero Fighter only has 3 skills, here is a brief explanation.

Skill one is (Jeet Kune Do) Chou blinks 3 ×, the first 2 blinks will have a 60% slow effect and the last 1 blink will stun the opponent.

Then, skill two, namely (Shunpo), is again a blink skill, the difference is that when Chou is used it will be immune. The ultimate skill is (The Way of Dragon) Chou locks the target and kicks in the specified direction.

Judging from his skills, we know that Chou is a very agile hero with his 2 stun skills.

  1. Khufra

Continue to number four there is Khufra. Skill one, namely (Tyrant’s Revenge) Khufra dashes in the specified direction, the target that hits him will give damage and also a stun effect.

Then, skill two, namely (Bouncing Ball) Khufra turns into a bouncing ball, the target will receive damage, the stun effect and the use of his skill will be interrupted until the duration of this skill ends.

The ultimate skill, (Tyrant’s Rage) Khufra, collects all the heroes around him at one point, giving them a stun effect for a few seconds.

From the explanation above we know that all the skills Khufra has are stun skills and crowd control, wow can you imagine how deadly this hero is?

  1. Hero Mobile Legend with the strongest crowd control, Atlas

The last one is Atlas, this Tank hero also has crowd control skills that are no less deadly than the heroes above.

Skill one, namely (Annihilate) Atlas slams his body to the ground giving damage to the area and also a slow effect.

Furthermore, the second skill, (Perfect Match) Atlas splits his body in two, increasing Movement Speed ​​and also Physical Defense. When the fusion of the body hits the target, it will give a stun effect for 1.5 seconds.

The ultimate skill, namely (Fatal Links) Atlas binds the heroes around and pulls them in the desired direction and gives a stun effect, this skill is able to lock 5 heroes at once.

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