Some Words In The World Of E-Sport

The world of e-sports is currently a big growth in the video game industry in the world. There have been many prestigious e-sports tournaments, along with their games that are widespread worldwide. Seeing its skyrocketing development, Coupled with the 2019 Asean Games Games also link e-sports competition as a new sport for the first time in history.

The arrival of e-sports in Indonesia is still somewhat gray. Many residents don’t know what e-sports is. So, so that Hubbers can also explore the world of e-sports, you must first recognize the terms in it! This time, Mimin will share the meanings of some of the terms in the e-sports world, which must be recognized. What are you curious about? Follow the reviews below:


If you are a fan of e-sports games, you must be familiar with this title. The abbreviation of “GGWP” itself is “Good Game Well Played”. The term “GGWP” is often used when a match goes well and is exciting.

Generally, “GGWP” is intended to flatter the winning player or team and admit defeat in an e-sports tournament. Currently, these terms are not often separated into “GG” or “WP”. The meaning is always the same as the original abbreviation. Want to win or lose, you must always be sporty.


The word “EZ” is actually slang from the English designation, it is “Easy”. A kind of slang from the word “easy” (in Indonesian). The term “EZ” is often referred to as an easy game.

In an e-sports tournament, the word implies that the match is easier, and does not create any problems in it. Willing however, “EZ” is also used to provoke the enemy’s emotions. If Hubbers coined this title in e-sports games, don’t rush into getting emotional, OK?


IMBA is short for the English word, which is “imbalance”. For those who don’t know, imbalance means imbalance. In the realm of e-sports, the term “IMBA” is often used to describe a very formidable hero or opponent as far as gaming. Because they have the inevitable power of energy, the strategy in the game is less balanced. This matter makes it difficult for the enemy to experience his opponent who seems very great as far as the game.


In fact, it’s not much different from the term “GGWP”. In every e-sports tournament, the term “GLHF” is often used before the game starts. Most of Hubbers must be confused about what “GLHF” stands for.

This title is short for “Good Luck Have Fun!”. Literally, the intention of the title “GLHF” is to wish the players or participants of the e-sports tournament the luck in the game, and wish them good luck. Uniquely, this word has existed near 1997, you know! WoW


Have you ever heard the term “BO3 ″ or” BO5 ″ in an e-sports tournament? For those who are curious, the term “BO” stands for “Best of”, which ends with odd numbers. ” BO ”is known as a tournament format that is often used in e-sports competitions.

With this tournament format, each team or player will compete in a certain number (in fact an odd number is required, which ends after the word BO). The winner of the “BO” format will be determined based on the number of wins at most during most matches.


Do you often hear the term “meta” in the realm of e-sports? Well, “meta” is short for “metagame”, which is used to describe the state of the game at that time. Starting from reviewing the greatest personalities that are currently being used, what strategies are appropriate to be applied during e-sports tournaments, and many more.

“Meta” always faces dynamic changes in every e-sports match, which entirely depends on the composition and elements used in the game. Not only that, “meta” is often discussed throughout the drafting session in the game.


Whether in e-sports tournaments or in the game itself, of course you often create the term “tire”. Not a vehicle tire, you know! The intention of “ban” in the world of e-sports is something that allows players or teams (especially in MOBA games) to ensure that one of the heroes or Champions who is banned from being used during the tournament.

The action of “tires” is very effective for balancing the strategy in the game, so that there is no use of very OP heroes. Not only that, the word “ban” also means banning or blocking cheating players in the game, you know!


Almost in every sport, there must be someone caster. Then, what is the meaning of the caster itself? In an e-sports tournament, they don’t play games, but focus like commentators on the gameplay of the tournament participants. In 2015,

most games with a large competitive level, hook caster in it.

Like a caster, you definitely shouldn’t side with the team or the players who are competing. They must act neutral, and comment on the players’ gameplay based on reality.


In fact, the terms “salt” or “salty” are not much different from “toxic” in the realm of e-sports games. ” Salty ”itself is a word that refers to players, where they are always angry and emotional when losing to competitive games.

Feelings of anger or high emotions are generally the result, because players have felt let down, choked up by other players, especially bullied. This subject often occurs in competitive multiplayer games or team-based games. What is clear is that the term has nothing to do with sea salt, huh, brother!

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